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Our Products were developed to efficiently connect heterogeneous distributed systems.

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G/Net - The Solution For Distributed Service Development
Create and deploy your service mesh across the cloud, on-premise and embedded devices.


Get convinced by the strengths of our service platform.

  • Multiple Execution Environments

    Increase the robustness and scale applications by deploying your services on the cloud, on-premise or even on embedded devices.

  • Flow-based Modeling

    Establish and connect microservice implementations via our graphical flow-based modeling editor. Build up complex service-meshes and keep an eye on how services integrate with their environment.

  • Graphical IDE

    Use the browser-based control center to implement, test, deploy, debug and monitor your services.

  • Easy to Extend

    Use the framework templates to create customized service modules fitted to run on your devices.

  • Enhanced Security Features

    Benefit from blockchain-based security mechanisms.



Deploy your distributed service meshes across heterogeneous environments out of the box and in no time.

Dynamic Management

Implement, test and distribute your services in no time.

Enhanced Reuse

Integrate with existing environments and reuse established services.

No Downtimes

Prevent downtimes via dynamic dependence modeling.


Deploy services across heterogeneous environments.


Effectively Integrate your applications with other systems.

Effective Connectivity Support

Implement, test and distribute your services in no time.

Connect to broad range of third-party applications

Powerful Integration Tools

Integrate your applications across different environments.

Connect to broad range of third-party applications

Dynamic Interface Elements

Create and modify interfaces on-the-fly.

Connect to broad range of third-party applications

Enhanced Scalability

Increase robustness, reliability and availability.

Connect to broad range of third-party applications


Distributed Software Engineering

Save efforts in the realization and integration of distributed services.


Integrate outdated devices into modern production environments.

Development of Secure Systems

Use Blockchain technology to protect the integrity of your systems.


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